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Educational aims

Internship I

  • Being capable of learning correctly the functioning of an institution of social services by the direct observation and the search of other sources of information, bibliographical, documentaries, interviews or resources on line.
  • Being capable of extending the above mentioned information in the area where the studied institution develops his action.
  • Being capable of placing in the general context the institution and the studied area.
  • Being capable of elaborating a written report where there are described extensively the results of the work.
  • Being capable of realizing an oral presentation of the report.

Internship II

  • Knowing the reality that has been intervened, both of the matter and of the institution.
  • Being capable of analyzing social situations, interpreting them and taking decisions.
  • Knowing the indicators of risk, detecting and operating them on these situations according to the procedure of the entity.
  • Being able to apply the technologies and procedures of intervention, the proper ones of the organization, and the following ones:
    • Being able to realize interviews: preparation, accomplishment and evaluation.
    • Being able to realize domiciliary visits: observation, accomplishment, analysis and valuation, record of the observation.
    • Using and writing documentation adapted in every situation: social report, social history, record of the meeting, etc.
    • Being able to realize individual and familiar plans of work: exposition, communication and negotiation, contract, follow-up, adequacy and evaluation.
    • Being able to prepare and design community projects.