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Cross-disciplinary subjects

Of the TOTAL of optional credits that the pupil has to deal according to the syllabus, 6 credits CAN BE DEALED as Cross-disciplinary subject





Prerequisites are not established.


Contributing to the transverse competences of the qualifications

Systems of evaluation

The evaluation will be continued and four indications are established as minimum to determine the final qualification, in percentages different from valuation.

Formative activities

It will be integrated(repaid) by different formative activities in modality of course of 1, 2, 3 and maximum 6 ECTS. They will not be able to propose formative activities below 1 ECTS.


There were forming a part of this offer of activities the offers that come from the different Services of the UdL: Linguistic Service, Service of Cooperation, Cultural Services, Centres Dolors Piera, Chairs - UdL, proposed of specific days of centers...